Specific Target Groups

Specific target groups for the EUSL-ENERGY project are teachers, students, university faculty, administrators, leadership and legislators, as well as persons already professionally active in the country.

  • Teachers will through this project further enhance their international profile and will have access to a shareware educational material where they can interact with other universities. They can expand their possibilities of giving courses of their own specialty to, through Learnify & Future Learn platforms, a larger number of international students, and get a better understanding of practices, policies and systems in education, training or youth across countries.
  • Students will with the new material get access to a much broader, varied and diversified view of the energy sector. They will have the possibility to work with learners at other universities and to take specific courses/learning that do not presently/yet exist in Sri Lanka. Through the innovation & entrepreneurial program perspective they will be better adapted for the 21st century labour market.
  • University faculty (especially younger), administrators, leadership and legislators in Sri Lanka will have opportunity to identify possibilities for joint programs, identify what kind of obstacles might exist for larger co-operations on international scale. Their digital teaching skills will be greatly enhanced.
  • Active engineers will profit from the locally adapted learning unites, MOOCs and courses developed jointly through the collaboration between the universities in the "advanced" and "emerging" economies.
  • Professionals in renewable energy sector, Public Utilities officials and politicians in Sri Lanka will have much easier to a better knowledge.