Innovative Aspects

The EUSL-ENERGY project builds upon various earlier, successful, individual collaborations between the partners in different constellations. The present consortium gives a completely new, and broader, partnership to reach its goals. The following are the main innovative values of the EUSL-ENERGY project.

  • A broader national perspective has been taken into consideration in Sri Lanka, through the inclusion of universities Peradeniya, Moratuwa and Ruhuna. It is the first time that these three universities collaborate in an international educational project, and the first time that we will establish a joint MSc program.
  • Incorporation of student-centered and challenge-based education into the Sri Lanka universities.
  • A new type of common international curriculum development within the circular economy in the energy sector, where three EU-universities collaborate towards joint curriculum development to be included in an emerging economic country.
  • The development of re-usable educational material, and inclusion of these into a framework of an international repository as well as into a MSc program in an emerging economic country.
  • Creation of a number of MOOCs based upon the learning units, including these into an international delivery platform with re-use in a MSc program in an emerging economic country.
  • Laying the base for an international development of a “stackable credentials MSc program” in which both EU and Sri Lanka universities will participate with their respective strengths.
  • Creation of “train the trainer” workshops towards the academic sector in Sri Lanka, thus spreading the “best practices” obtained towards other universities in Sri Lanka.
  • Creating a broader engagement in the Sri Lanka economic sector by re-using the sharable learning units and MOOCs towards professional learning in Sri Lanka.