Project Description

The EUSL-ENERGY project will, in a unique, not yet explored, way, address the challenge, and turn this into an opportunity, of creating an excellent educational program within the energy transition sector, so far not existing in the targeted emerging economic country.

Work Packages

The EUSL energy project consist of eleven work packages and fourty three tasks.

  • Aims & specific Objectives

    The project aims at establishing a true, fully integrated collaboration between the partner universities […]

  • Innovative Aspects

    The EUSL-ENERGY project builds upon various earlier, successful, individual collaborations between the partners […]

  • Specific Target Groups

    Specific target groups for the EUSL-ENERGY project are teachers, students, university faculties, administrators, […]

  • Project Outcomes

    The EUSL-ENERGY project will result in the following In Sri Lanka outcomes, most of them a "first ever" […]


Inauguration ceremony of EUSL Energy at hotel Cinnamon Lakeside, Colombo

EUSL Energy - Observer Education

The inaugural meeting of the Europe Sri Lanka Capacity Building in Energy Circular Economy which was coordinated by The Open University of Sri Lanka (OUSL) was launched recently.

EUSL-Energy M7 Consortium Meeting

The EUSL-Energy M7 Consortium Online Meeting was held Monday, 29th June – Friday, 03rd July 2020


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